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QuickStart has been able to help hundreds of children and their families since our inception in 2008. Early Intervention is key. It allows a child to reach their full potential.

QuickStart's mission is to see that all children have equal opportunity to develop to their full potential through early intervention.

QuickStart is a registered Canadian Charity # 81455 1669 RR0001

QuickStart provides funding to agencies to deliver early intervention programs at no cost to the family. These programs fill the "gap" caused by waitlists for government services. They help parent make the most of the time they would otherwise be waiting.

QuickStart Programs:

  • Our newest program for children under 30 months of age.
  • Provides training for parents of children who are demonstrating signs of autism
  • service provider Emerging Minds

Getting Started Services
  • Service provider the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre
  • A unique pre-diagnosis program for parents with concerns about their childs development
  • Supports parents of children aged 22 months to 6 years
  • Offered in English and French

Wee Start
  • Service provider the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre
  • A pre-diagnosis clinic for children under 21
  • Offered in French and English

ReFresh ReStart
  • A respite program in partnership with local hotels
  • Offer one and two night stays providing parents the rare opportunity to have some time to themselves
  • QuickStart provides funding to offset childcare expenses while the parents are away.

Parent Workshops
  • Not all parents are able to commit to the time required for our other programs
  • We offer parent coaching workshops to help those who are not eligible for our other programs

The Story Behind QuickStart

Alex QuickStart - Early Intervention for Autism began because of my own personal experience with my grandson. We became worried about Alexander when he was 16 months old. He had no language. He didn't say "mama" or "dada". He didn't respond when his name was called, and it was hard to get his attention. His routine was rigid and he became very distressed when it was interrupted.

My daughter was reassured that boys develop later and advised to 'wait & see'.

At 20 months, Alexander was placed on the waiting list for an assessment. He would wait another 10 months before he was diagnosed with autism. Once diagnosed, he waited two years for the government funded intensive therapy program. So much critical time was lost. Wait-times have increased due to the increase in the number of children being diagnosed with autism. Five years ago 1 in 150 children were being diagnosed with autism, now it's 1 in 50.

NathanAlexander's brother, Nathan was also diagnosed with autism when he was 21 months old.

The cost of providing early intervention therapies is, on average, $60,000 a year. It's easy to see that not many families can afford private therapy. I wanted to do something to help so that all children would have the opportunity to reach their full potential and so I began QuickStart.

QuickStart provides funding to agencies to deliver early intervention programs at no cost to the family.

Thank you for making a difference for the children.

To learn more about QuickStart and our programs, please visit our website.

From a parent:
...I am so pleased with the service and support I have received for my son with the KickStart program, its something I think every parent should have access to, I notice the changes in him on a daily basis, and I honestly think I would be lost in terms of what to do for his development if I wasn't enrolled in this program. The best thing is that I feel empowered to help my son without second guessing if what I am doing right or wrong. I feel confident in my abilities to provide him with "in house" therapy and know that I am making a positive change in his behaviours and helping him develop. "


PO box 11001 Station H Nepean ON K2H 7T8


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